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Our Services

Our Services
Headache(migraine/tension) Acute or Chronic back pain(Lumbar Dsc Disease)
Myalgia(Fibromyalgia) Sciatica
Cervical Spndylepathy Frogen shoulder(Periarthritis of shoulder)
Arthritis/Joint Problems Numbness/Tingling
Tennis elbow Diseases of the Digestive System
Irritable blowl Syndrome Nausea, Vomiting, and Morning sick
Constipation Hypertension/Vertigo
Menorrhagia Menopausal Syndrome
Infertility(Male/Female) Sinusitis(Acute/Chronic)
Sleep Disorders Stress/Depression/Anxiety
Bell's palsy Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Stroke(Early stage) Acne
Eczema Smoking & Drug Addiction
Weight loss  

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