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Some Testimonials

Dear Dr. Feng and Dr. Ma,

I am writing this letter to thank you for the miraculous treatment you provided for me. I own a restaurant where I work long hours and suffer prolonged standing. Last year, my back was seriously injured while working; I could not stand up straight or even move. The slightest movement sent tremendous pain throughout my body. My husband and children had to carry me home. After your acupuncture and massage treatment, I returned to work the very next day! I felt like a new person. Thank you very much for your sincere sympathy and phenomenal skills.


Jun-Chun Yu

January 08, 2004


July 22, 1999

To whom it may concern:


I was referred to Dr. Feng by a friend after suffering of r 3 years with plantar fasciitis and a small bone spur.


For area. the first year I had tried regular does of ibprofin and just about every kind of heel cup or shoe insert available. My primary care physician then put me on stronger anti-inflammatory medicines. Each time the relief was only temporary. I finally exhausted the strongest possible anti-inflammatory available. After which I visited the first of two orthopedic surgeons. I started cortisone shot therapy. Something I would strongly discourage. The second orthopedic surgeon gave me my final shot of cortisone, and told me that I would require surgery. After the surgery I was to expect 3 months in a cast followed by at least 3 months of physical therapy. This time frame was unacceptable for my job.


So on a recommendation I began seeing Dr. Feng and Dr. Ma in March of 1999. After the very first visit I felt some relief. Nine visits later I am virtually cured. I no longer have problems with my plantar fasciitis or bone spur.


I cannot adequately express my satisfaction and gratitude to Dr. Feng and Dr. Ma. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. What a pleasure it is to live and walk pain free.





To All Readers:

In May, 2005, I awoke late one night in extreme pain. The pain was almost unbearable, so I was fortunate to get in to see my doctor the following day. He ordered a Cat-scan for me the same day, which revealed a small kidney stone. He could not laser it since it was too small and might damage the surrounding tissues. He suggested that I have a medical procedure to extract it. I declined that approach.

My chiropractor sent me to Peace Acupuncture Clinic where I had ten sessions of acupuncture. After the caring and expert treatments, my urologist, Dr. Shirley Godiwalla, scheduled another scan and saw that my kidney stone had dissolved!

My thanks to Dr. He Ping Ma, for her great work and of her husband Dr. Feng.

                                                            Warm Wisher, CL

April 29, 2003


Dear Dr. Feng.,

Thank you very much for your acupuncture treatments. I heard about your acupuncture from a friend of mine you also helped. My knee hurt so very much it was difficult to walk. Now I am walking pain free. At age (85) it is wonderful to be back to a normal life again.


Your explanation of the procedure needed was a big help.


Thank you again and God Bless you.


Sincerely yours,


Lucille Pettey

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