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Some Testimonials

October 20, 2005


Dear Dr. Ma and Dr. Feng,


I really enjoyed you TV appearance on Ch 18 yesterday.


I want to tell you that I really like the tea you made for me very much. It actually seems to give a feeling of well being . Please make some more tea for me and could you add a little more of the herb for anxiety please?


One of the biggest problems I am having is a watery feeling in my legs. Can you do any thing for that?


I want to tell you that I really like your place and you treat me very well and donít rush and thank you very much for making me feel comfortable and warm.

I ran into a man a couple of days ago that had a stroke about a year ago and I gave him your card. His name is Kevin.


The thing I like best about your place is that itís very peaceful.

Thank you very much.


                                              March 1, 2003

Dear Dr. Ma,

I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for all the help you have given me and my family. Before coming to see you I was fainting every day at least once, sometimes as many as 3 times in one day. Until I came to see you I fainted every day for 2 months. My regular MD had hit a wall did not know how to help me any more. When it was suggested that I go see you for acupuncture. I was ready to do anything and now I am convinced that this practice is not utilized to any of its potential in our modern medical community. I have not fainted in 4 weeks now and I am much more my self. This has also helped with my depression which was unrelated to the other issue. I feel that my course of acupuncture have given me my life back. Dr. Ma you are a very skilled and compassionate. Dr. you are the best Dr. I have ever seen, in your field and any other. Thank you!

Channel 18 reporting our clinic...
Channel 18 reporting our clinic...
Thank you letter from Tianshui City Government,China
(Chinese version)
Thank you letter from Tianshui City Government,China (English Translation)

December 17, 2002

Dear Mr. Mayor:

Doctor Bokui Feng, Citizen of Milwaukee city, employee of the Aurora Health Care, visited Tianshui, the native place of Dr. Feng, on his vacation in China this September. When he was investigating the educational and medical issues of Tianshui, he learned that some students in the backward mountainous areas, being unable to afford the tuition fees, couldn't go to college after being admitted. He presently contributed 5,000 Yuan RMB to a handicapped peasant's daughter via the local educational bureau, thus fulfilled the girl's college dream. Mr. Feng indicated that he would go back to China once two years and financially aid 1-2 poor students of rural background. This deed caused much responds in our city. We really appreciate Mr. Feng's generous supports to the poor students in China.

Mr. Feng stayed but a very short time in Tianshui, so we didn't get the detailed means of contact to the employer/company of Mr. Feng in Milwaukee. We write this letter to you hoping to express our appreciation to the leaders of the employer/company and convey our respect to Mr. Feng and pass on the gratitude of the student's parents. At the same time, we hope that Mr. Feng could fulfill his cherished wish of going back to China once two years and supporting 1-2 financially challenged sutdents. We would do our best to help him to complete this chivalrous deed.

Best regards,

Tianshui Municipal People's Goventment, Gansu Province, PRC

Thank you letter from Burean of Education, Tianshui,China (original Chinese version)

Thank you letter from Burean of Education, Tianshui,China (English Translation)


Dear Mr. Bo Kui Feng,

Thanks to your generous assistances, Wang Yuqi, a financially challenged student form a poor family in Tianshui, get a chance to go to college and is now studying in Chongqing Medical University. Your affection for the youths and the people of your native place will surely encourage Wang Yuqi to study hard and accomplish his study honorably, and also give an impetus to the people working in the educational circles to perform their work dutifully so as to cultivate more human talents for the society. In order to show our respect for the traditional virtues exuding from Mr. Feng charitable deeds and philanthropic behaviors, we hereby write this letter of appreciation.

Tinashui Brueau of Education

Thank you letter from the recipient of Dr. Feng Scholarship (Chinese version)
Dr. Feng Scholarship Recipient: Yuqi Wang

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