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  The Only Chinese TCM pharmacy in Milwaukee. Cheaper than Chicago!


  • We are offering a new service of wrinkle reduction using acupuncture technique

  • As our business grows, we are getting more and more attention from our community. Because of the remarkable healing for patients, Dr. Ma and Dr. Feng were the featured cover story for Channel 18 - Milwaukee which aired on 10/19/2005 and 10/21/2005
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  • In 2006, we have donated $1250 to local community and $500 to a Chinese student with financial challenge to go to college.
  • Acupuncture and TCM treatment

    Since the root cause for the occurrence and development of disease is imbalance of Yin and Yang, the basic principle in acupuncture treatment is to adjust Yin and Yang, making "Yin stabilized and Yang well-conserved" and restoring harmony between them. The essential technique of needling consists of striking a balance between Yin and Yang. The basic function of needling is to adjust the Qi of Yin and Yang.

    Our experts, Dr. Bo Kui Feng and Dr. Heping Ma offer both traditional medicine and acupuncture for relief from a wide variety of physical symptoms, including early myopia, sprains, back and neck pain, gastro-intestinal problems, incontinence, eczema, sterility, menstrual discomfort, impotence, weight loss, smoking, and much more. All treatment uses disposable needles, is based on safey and effectiveness, and has no side effects. Chinese herbs and Juice Plus are also available.

    As a member of the Chinese Acupuncture Society, Dr. Bo Kui Feng received his training at the Acupuncture Institute of China in the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has over 16 years' experience in acupuncture and Chinese Herbology. Heping Ma, one of the most famous acupuncturist in China, is also a member of the Chinese Oncology Society with 21 years in the medical profession. Both have continued to update their training regularly.

    In addition to their practice, Dr. Feng and Dr. Ma manage the only pharmacy in Milwaukee which deals solely with Chinese herbs and Chinese Patent Medicine (formulas).

    work on a patient

    "Acupuncture is beneficial in treating many health-related
    problems and can be used to maintain an individual's well-bing."

    work on a patient

    "When you have 1.1 billion people and it has been working for 5,000 years, there must be something to it."

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