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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is acupuncture?

A: A 5,000 yar-old Chinese system of natural healing (no drugs, no surgery - treatment only with needles according to traditional Chinese Medicine theory) which is concerned with restoring proper energy flow to the various organs, glands and tissues of the body on the premise that most diseases are the result of malfunction due to disrupted energies.

Q: How does acupuncture work?

A: The "vital force" (chi) circulates throughout the body along fourteen channels. Points on the body surface along these channels of energy are connected to specific organs, glands and tissues. The "chi" is very important for every body's health. "chi" is commander of the blood. "chi" directs the flow of blood throughout the body. If the life force or "chi" is blocked, the flow of blood is stagnated thus causing pain and illness.

Acupuncture therapy uses needles for healing diseases. By piercing specific points on the body's skin, the life force (chi) begins to move once again after stimulation. Because different illness or pains respond to specific points, the acupuncturist is trained to understand the location of more than 360 points which follows 14 channels with this therapy. "chi" begins flow, Yin Yang is balanced, and the organs and viscera are restored to good health.

5,000 years of clinical experience has confirmed that Acupuncture Therapy is effective for more thatn 300 kinds of diseases.

Q: Assuming I am going to take treatment, what should I expect when I meet the doctor?

A: At your first visit, you will be asked to fill out a health history form and they will receive an examination which includes the pulse, the tongue (color and coating), and a personal interview. With this knowledge, the doctor will determine the points which need stimulation based upon traditional Chinese Medicine. At that time, you will receive your first teatment with the needles. Please note that the needles are very fine and the sensation is minimal. It is possible to use an alternative method without needles if a patient is apprehensive.

Q: Why should I try acupuncture?

A: Acupuncture has helped many people who had little or no success with western medical treatments. This therapy also has no side effects. Acupuncture treatment can also have a lasting effect on your general health which insures better quality of life: it raises the body's immune function and is effective as a preventative medical therapy.

Acupuncture general costs much less than treatment performed by American medical physicians. Today many insurance companies are providing coverage for this tpye of therapy. We will assist you in determining your coverage.

Acupuncture is safe. All needles are sterile and disposed after one use.

Q: What are some of the conditions commonly treated with acupuncture?

A: Depression/Anxiety
Sports injuries
Pain in shoulder, back, neck, or knee
Disease of the prostate
Headache/Dizziness/Menier's Disease
Drug Addiction/Quit smoking
Skin problems/Acne/Eczema
Venereal Disease
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Blood Pressure Problems
Sinus and vision problems
Pralysis/Numbness/Bell's Paralysis
Immune Systems
Children's illness
Low energy
Injury from accient
Nutritional Therapy
Health maintenance
..... and many more

Q: How many treatment sessions should I expect to take?

A: Each person is different and therefore the doctor will determine the number of treatments based on the results. However, in traditional Chinese Medicine, then sessions comprise "one course" of treatment and in most cases at least "one course" is needed. This is especially common with chronic conditions or serious injuries (combined Herbals will be more effective).

Q: Is acupuncture recognized and regulated in the state of Wisconsin?

A: Regulation in the United States differs from state to state. Wisconsin requires registration and licensing for all who practice acupuncture. To abtain a license one must demonstrate competence and passs the borad certification.

The National Commission for the certification of Acupuncturists(NCCA) sets the standards for safe and effective procedures. Wisconsin uses the NCCA examination to meet their licensing and registration requirements.

Q: Does insurance cover?

A: Some health insurance policies cover the expense for acupuncture treatment. We can help you find and determine your coverage.

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