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Acupuncturists and TCM experts

Dr. Heping Ma, O.M.D.

Dr. Heping Ma, acupuncturist

"Acupuncture is widely-used for treating pain symptoms,
nerv system problems, immune system problems, infertility,
health maintenance, and many more"

Dr. Ma graduated from Traditional Chinese Medicine University of China and was trained for 5 years in Chinese-Medicine. Because of her excellent scores and performance. She was hired as an assistant professor after graduation at the University. There, she did research work and taught part-time. Not only that, she practiced in the department of acupuncture in the hospital of the University. After working 7 years, she returned to school to improve her skills at Guangzhou Chinese Medical University. She graduated Guangzhou Chinese Medical University with outstanding scores; therefore, she was hired by Guangzhou City Hospital to practice a combination of Western-Eastern Medicine. Dr. Ma treated more than 88,000 patients during her 10 years of practice and experience in acupuncture. She specializes in treating various kinds of challenging illnesses, such as: stroke, infertility, Bell's palsy, allergies, irritable colon syndrome, etc. Dr. Ma was honored many times by the hospital leaders and patients.

Because of Dr. Ma's rich experiences in Chinese-Medicine and clinic work for almost 20 years, she published more than ten articles about acupuncture in the first-class journal in traditional Chinese Medicine in China.

In 1994, Dr. Ma was invited to attend world acupuncture conference and presented her thesis " Zi Wu Liu Zhu with Acupuncture Treatments " and was evaluated as an excellent piece during the conference.

Dr. Ma was advised by very famous experts of acupuncture in China, such as Prof. Ding Li, Dr. Huaitang Shi, Prof. Mingming Yang, Dr. Shunfa Jiao, Dr. Ling Situ , etc. She learned very important and valuable skills from these masters that helped Dr. Ma a great deal on her later medical work.

Dr. Ma also attended training class of "National Little Needle Seminar" and was trained an received a certificate by the inventor, a very famous doctor Zhu Hanzhang.

After Dr. Ma immigrated to USA, she obtained high score in the examination of NCCOA's acupuncture and Chinese-medicine and grated a license of acupuncturist in Wisconsin.

During Dr. Ma's years of practice in Milwaukee, many patients were fond of Dr. Ma and requested her treatment because of her excellent skills and positive attitude. Dr. Ma provided treatment for illnesses for patients that were incurable in western medicine. These patients even included some Western-Medicine doctors and nurses working in the hospitals and other acupuncturist

Dr. Ma is a member of Chinese Acupuncture, member of Little Needle Committee, and member of Chinese Anti-Cancer Committee.

Dr. Ma goes back to China every 2 years to attend seminars and training in acupuncture and traditional Chinese Medicine to maximize her skills.

Dr. Bo Kui Feng

Dr. Feng, acupuncturist Works in Aurora

Dr. Feng learned acupuncture theory, clinic technology and skills from Dr. Xinnong Cheng,
a distinguished expert in acupncture field, the author of "The Chinese Acupuncture"

Dr. Feng graduated from Western Medical College (5-years trainning). After working in provincial hospital for fix years, he went ot the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, China to study acupuncture with world-renowned acupuncturist, Professor Xinnong Cheng, the author of "Chinese Acupuncture". These valuable training and experience tremendously improved Dr. Feng's knowlege in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as his skills in acupuncture. He is a member of the P. R. Association of Acupuncture.

By 1992, Dr. Feng passed all portions of the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine examination and became board certified of NCCAOM. After that, he applied for and was granted the Wisconsin State acupuncture license to practice Acpuncture in 1993. Then, in 1995, Dr. Feng worked with a Neurologist to provide acupucture to his patients.

Since 1998, Dr. Feng had been working with an anesthesiologist at a pain management center that had locations in Wisconsin in the cities of Brookfield, Delafield, Cedarburg, Kenosha and Chilton. At the pain management center, Dr. Feng provided services to many patients with severe pains. His treatments of either curint or relieving pain included treatments for sciatica, headaches or migraines, lower back pains, Frozen shoulder, and Arthritis.

Since 2000, Dr. Feng became the first and only doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Aurora Health Care. Besides treating severe pain problems, Dr. Feng was also sucessful in curing various diseases that western medicine was ineffective againt. These diseases include Ireebol Bowel Syndrome, Bell's Palsy, infertility, menopausal symptoms, pain in shoulder, back, neck, knee, and sciatica, skin problems, depression, and health maintenance.

In the past 10 years in the U.S., Dr. Feng has received a myriad of Accolades from patients who previously could not find relief from chronic conditions that challenged their health.

Because of Dr. Feng's outstanding skills and friendly service, many family doctors, Specialists, Chiropractors, massage therapists, and even attorneys have referred many patients to him.

Now, Dr. Feng works part-time for Aurora Health Care and operates his own clinic with his clinic with his wife in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His clinic carries over a hundred types of natural Chinese herbs and herb formulas.

In 2003, Dr. Feng was invited by the Milwaukee County Department on Aging(MCDA) Family Care Program as a service provider.

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