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Some Testimonials

In the Summer of 1993, I experienced some irritation around my face. The skins got worst as time went by. Between July 1993 and February 1996, I have been seen several doctors including two Dermatologists. In some cases, the prescribed medications amplified the severity of the skins. In February 1996, a friend referred Dr. Feng Bo Kui to me. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Feng on February 22, 1996. He perfomrmed acupunctures and prescribed herbs to cleanse the infection areas. After several visits, I noticed that my face stopped swelling. Six months after the first appointment, the skins around my face returned to normal. Today, I felt as my life is back to it was before the infections. I would recommend Dr. Feng to anyone who may have similar symptoms.

Va Vang


Dear Dr. Feng,

This letter is intended to in some way convey my overwhelming gratitude to Dr. Feng at the wonderful, amazing, Peace Acupuncture Clinic.

I am a Ph.D student at Marquette University.

I was so worried to find a area of baldness (diameter 3 cm) on the right side of my head this summer. You can understand, as a young female Ph.D. Student, it was a nightmare. The dermatologist told me I had Alopecia areata, which is caused by stress and depression. He then put me on medications. Unfortunately, after 3 weeks of treatment, I kept losing my hair and the baldness area enlarged to about 4 cm. It was horrible, so I decided to try herbalist doctor.

I was shocked by the result. I am thankful for  Dr. Feng's caring and professional treatment. In the past few months, I have undergone a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herb soup. You can't imagine my relief when I saw the new hair grow in the bald area. Now, I have black hair as thick as before. It is like a miracle. As an international student from China, I am so proud of traditional Chinese herbal treatment and the magic result of acupuncture.

Again, I just wanted to express my sincerest thanks for the expertise and caring that Dr. Feng exhibited. I am very happy I chose herbalist doctor.

Sincerely yours,

Marquette student
Sandy Yan

March 8, 1997


My daughter is one of Dr. Feng and Dr. Ma’s patients and they are very good doctors, very experienced, and experts in Chinese Herbal Medicine and acupuncture. My daughter had a big bump under her chin at around June 1996. So we took her to see a doctor and as result the doctor gives her some antibiotic to take. After a week or so the original bump inside the skin shrank but there were two new ones on the left side of her neck, so we took her to the doctor again and this time the doctor gave her another type of antibiotic that is stronger than the first one. Unfortunately, the bumps became ever bigger and grew to about six area. or seven on the side of her neck and she can hardly move her jaw and neck. These symptoms were not the only ones caused by the antibiotics. But there were “chicken pox?like things growing all over her body and her face leaving dark and uneven marks on her face that would take months to heal. As a result, we took her to the doctor again and the doctors said that there was no other way to get rid of the bumps but to have a surgery to cut all of them out. So helplessly, we went to seek Dr. Feng and Dr. Ma’s help. They gave my daughter some oriental Chinese Herbal Medicine and after two or three weeks the bumps on her neck went down and the “chicken pox?like thing on her body was also gone, so my daughter does not have to go and have the surgery anymore. Thanks to Dr. Feng and Dr. Ma.


J. Ying

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